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Evaluation and Assessment

Dr. Cachara provides Psychological Assessments for children and adolescents. We are not equipped with the proper assessment tools to provide Psychological Assessments for adults. 

An initial appointment will be scheduled with parents and child to gather the necessary information and assess the appropriateness of a full Psychological Evaluation. If a full evaluation is deemed appropriate, we will need to obtain authorization from your insurance company.


Once authorization is received, Dr. Cachara will schedule a subsequent appointment, typically lasting 2-3 hours in length. During this appointment, your child/adolescent will meet individually and participate in the testing process. Parents/Caregivers will also be asked to provide clinically relevant information and complete parental assessments during this time. We ask that parents remain in the waiting room for the entirety of your child’s assessment.

In addition to clinical interviews and assessment tools, you will be asked to sign a release of information form for other important individuals (i.e., therapists, teachers) in your child’s life. Dr. Cachara works to provide a collaborative and comprehensive assessment to best assess your child’s needs and make the appropriate treatment recommendations. This is most effective by gathering pertinent information from others involved in your child’s life. 

Once the evaluation is complete, which can take up to a month, you will be offered an appointment to go over the results and ask any questions. Please know that whatever is not covered by insurance, you will be financially responsible for.

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