Welcome!  We understand that your decision to seek help can be hard. Change can be difficult. We believe that the challenges we face help to empower us to transform our lives, thus allowing a clearer understanding of both ourselves and our relationships.

Cachara and Associates is a small, private psychological practice providing services in both the Carlisle and Shippensburg areas. Our clinicians are passionate about their work, striving to assist each individual in achieving maximize success in the therapy process.  We treat each person with dignity and respect. We will provide support for you to work through the challenges you face. We view our therapeutic relationship as the medium in which change happens, allowing your time spent in therapy to be beneficial and worthwhile for you and/or your child. 

Our Mission

We are a psychological practice that strives to provide quality care to our clients. We aim to provide a comfortable, safe and nonjudgmental environment that allows our clients to heal.